Свадебная видеосъемка, свадебный клип

The priority principle of my work is the individual approach to each client.
I will listen to all your ideas and wishes - maximally translate them into reality.

Spectrum of my services - video shooting, video editing, 2D graphics.

My works

REALREEL, promo, rap, music

I am ready to change

Creative video about changing the image of REALREEL.

DayWithVas, TENNIS


Editing a blog for a project DayWithVas.

Streamdesk, digital asset sharing

Streamdesk - new era of digital asset sharing

Editing, as well as participation in the shooting of a commercial for the company's product Streamity.

Showreel, 2D graphics

Showreel graphics

I also draw 2D graphics. My Showreel.

Gold envelope, activity

Gold envelope

Reporting shot from the event Gold envelope.


Eugene & Anastasia

Wedding work.

Vurnarskogo meat, calf house

The opening of the calf house for 2000 heads

Discoveries calf meat Vurnarskogo meat.

Performance, Olympic, BI life, Yevgeny Gavrilin

Performance in the Olympic. BI life

Editing a blog for entrepreneur Yevgeny Gavrilin.

Антон Воротников, двинарь, тест драйв

Dvinar for the Nurburgring. VAG in the VAZ.

Filming and editing for Anton Vorotnikov.

Шелковый путь, suprotec racing


Installation of GLOBAL ASSEMBLY RUSSIA 2019 reporting videos for WNOG MEDIA.

build, 400 forces, Vladimir Molchanov

How much is the cramps to build, for 400 forces!

Shooting and editing for blogger Vladimir Molchanov.

Владимир Молчанов, покупка мазды, автоблог

Dinner in the Sky

Editing and creating Dinner in the Sky graphics for WNOG MEDIA.

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